Nike Max 100

There is a general consensus among creative types that the reason we embark on challenging ofter impossible creative process is not solely for the end results, but as a way to alleviate mundane outlook of everyday life. For graphic designer Matt Stevens, that process is to mollify something else – his obsession of Nike Air Max 1. A continuation of his ongoing project, Air Max 1-A-Day, where he graphically re-animate a pair of Air Max 1 injected with influences, subject matter, and other daily stimulants. Already at his 60th pairs of designs, Stevens hopes his new MAX100 Book will permit him to finish and compile his creations in a printed matter form. With this, Stevens is pitching his idea worldwide through funding platform KICKSTARTER, where financial benefactors of the MAX100 will receive certain incentives including digital contents, poster, special edition slipcase in the form of shoebox and etc…





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